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Rory Greenfield and Stuart Bridson bring you the AI Comic Pod! They discuss all things to do with Comics, whether it be TV shows, movies, or even the actual comics themselves! The podcast will review, preview and discuss in depth all things happening in the world of comics whether they be Marvel or DC!

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Heroic Ethics: Spider-Man, My Idol

I wrote this in part for Kaylon Karrim and his inquisitive mind! A huge part of Anfield Index and a guy I call a friend. Looking back over the three categories of normative ethics under philosophy – Virtue, Duty and Consequential – what fails to emerge is a clear-cut, definitive category that encompasses what we […]

Supergirl: Another Dumb Blonde in Comics?

With the start of the Supergirl series, season two in fact, I thought I would focus on Superman’s cousin. She is actually older than the Man of Steel which many don’t realize. Most depictions of her are of a tiny doe-eyed blonde who most fan-boys can only dream of meeting! She’s much more than just […]

Captain Marvel: Marvel’s Big Gamble

When Marvel announced that Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel was going to get her own movie in 2019 I was ecstatic. After the initial shock at a female hero (Brie Larson will play the Captain) getting her own movie I wondered how they would explain Captain Marvel and all the varying versions. I will give […]

Luke Cage: Stereotype of a Black Man

I thought for my next article I would write about a recently released Netflix series you may have heard of by the name of Luke Cage – not necessarily about the show but about a hot button talking point from the show and what it’s based on. This new series coincides with one of Netflix’s other popular […]

The Source of Everything Speed

With all of CW’s new shows coming back I thought I wanted to do a Flash article. I thought otherwise because most at this point probably know the back story of the Flash. One of the most important heroes in DC lore for various reasons I thought I would touch on one of his most […]

Wakanda’s Protector: Black Panther

Since he has a movie coming out in 2018 titled Black Panther and he was a big part of Marvel’s Civil War I thought I would write about Black Panther aka T’Challa. Not to be confused with the Black Panther Party (his creation predated the Party by 3 months) and not influenced in any way […]

The Scarlet Speedsters

The Flash is one of the most iconic, recognisable characters in all of comic book lore and is a founding member of the Justice League alongside DC superpowers such as Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. He has the ability to tap into a mystical energy source called “the speed force” which allows him superhuman speed, […]

The Queen of Crazy: Harley Quinn

When I was debating what article to write next I thought that I would do a piece on the most popular person in comics right now one Harleen Frances Quinzel. Created for Batman’s animated TV series, she was supposed to be just a minor character; a one-off almost. When the series started in 1992 creators […]

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