“Captain America: Civil War” Reaction

“Captain America: Civil War” Reaction
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Now that my blood pressure has returned to normal levels and my throbbing… erm… excitement has gone down, it seems only fair to put my thoughts down into a mini-review but I promise no spoilers for at least a few more weeks to give you all time to watch it three times.

(I’ve already got my second viewing planned and am trying to plan the third btw…)

Everyone who knows me and most people who don’t know that comic films are my jam, I love them all – even the shit ones – and going into this I expected (maybe unfairly) that Civil War would become my favourite comic film and maybe even my favourite film in general. So far I’m not disappointed. It’s currently joint top with Captain America: The Winter Soldier and I think one more viewing will be enough to steal the top spot and cement it’s place in my heart, brain and crotch.

Chadwick Boseman did a wonderful job bringing Black Panther to life. It could have been a disaster bringing a crime fighting king to life especially having to create an entirely original accent seeing as Wakanda doesn’t actually exist (or if it has nobody cared to tell me, sniff sniff) and I’d say his performances as both Black Panther and T’Challa were faultless. He looked every inch the ruler and equally looked comfortable smacking the taste of out of multiple Avengers’ mouths.

And then there’s Spiderman… sweet lovely Spiderman… a role brought to the masses by *sigh* Tobey Maguire and then, in this fans opinion, bettered by Andrew Garfield but the majority have accepted that Spiderman has never been done “properly”… that is until young Tom Holland strapped on the webshooters. There was a lot of pressure and expectation on the shoulders of a 19 year old but I’d say he’s handled it incredibly well and delivered another faultless performance. He had the awkward, nervous Peter Parker role down to a tee and also the strong, agile and fluid Spiderman moments too. The added bonus of his apparent awe at meeting Tony Stark and Captain America only added to the experience because you would, wouldn’t you? Any kid interested in science would have a nerdgasm at meeting Tony Stark and anyone fighting crime would ruin their costume at meeting the symbol of freedom himself. I’ll say more about him once we’re able to fully review the podcast as I certainly wouldn’t want to ruin the experience for anyone. I do wonder why they made Aunt May so much younger and hotter than she’s always been portrayed.

Is anyone else totally in awe of Scarlet Witch? In the months following the events of Age of Ultron she has (as expected) been honing her skills and has visibly grown from a nervous young woman, unsure of her power and limitations into a confident woman who knows that she could tear reality limb from limb with the bat of an eyelid. A stunning development and another feather in the cap for Elizabeth Olsen.


There are some classic comedy moments between Falcon and Bucky, Anthony Mackie has fantastic comic timing and a great delivery which seems so genuine. I must confess that I didn’t expect the film to be as funny as it was.

And as for the actual burning question of #TeamCap versus #TeamIronMan – I am more sure than ever that Team Cap is the place to be. I massively enjoyed the social issues at play here – friends fighting friends, sticking by those who stuck by you – but also the wider social issues regarding controlling such powerful assets and the political implications of their deployment (or lack of deployment).

Marvel and The Russo Brothers have, as expected, delivered a true masterpiece which perfectly bridges the gaps between comicbook film, spy thriller, political hard-hitter and a general action film to be absorbed and enjoyed by everyone.

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