“The Jester of Genocide”

“The Jester of Genocide”
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I thought about writing many different things when I started this but I kept coming back to The Clown Price of Crime, The Joker. I decided to write a little about what makes him tick, who he is, why he’s my favorite character in the comic book universe, because sometimes you need a little crazy.

“Smile, because it confuses people. Because it’s easier than explaining what is killing you inside”. – Joker

I feel Joker is a misunderstood character….. yes you read that correctly. He’s not the opposite of Batman as some may say, but in a way he’s needed for Batman to thrive. All the villains Batman has to fight but only one is his soul-mate. His ying to Batman’s yang. The Joker isn’t dangerous because he kills, maims, corrupts… well of course he is but that’s not really my point.

Let’s go inside Joker’s head for a bit shall we. Joker is not irrational, he’s psychotic and that’s a huge difference. He lives outside the social norms and morals or everyday rules don’t apply to him. It’s what makes him so damn scary.

Batman fascinates the Joker, a grown man dressed as a bat, what could be funnier in the Joker’s mind. It’s not about fame, revenge, limelight, money, it’s all about him controlling your will/mind. That’s the joke, sometimes he’ll kill you, sometimes let you live for no reason at all. He wants to show the world just how quickly a man can change his morals/values/spirit/will by manipulating him and if that’s not crazy then I don’t know what is.

Batman gives the Joker a direction, a purpose. He’ll battle you physiologically, it’s what makes him so fascinating. You don’t see the Joker armed to the T, because he always is the smartest guy in the room. He’s 10 steps ahead of everyone and knows that Batman won’t ever kill him, just put him in Arkham Asylum, will he will eventually escape. Imagine Batman having to live with this man in his life every day….

While many people say how can the Joker and Batman have similarities, they actually do. One uses himself for an agent of change while the other installs fear in the world. Both extreme in everything they do. Joker just wants to show what can happen when one bad day turns into well, him.

Joker is pure chaos, his mind admirable. Joker’s whole deal is what makes him special though. He dresses like a clown, creates complete chaos, has a permanent smile on his face but that’s the joke…. it’s never about making the entertainment, he gets off on watching everybody panic and cower. The end product is the joke for him. He wants to show the people that the true nature of humans is destruction and chaos if pushed in the right direction.

People fear what they don’t know, his randomness is what makes him scary. Maybe the only character you could say that about. Most have some special power, this man IS the special power. He once shot and paralyzed Barbara Gordon, then took naked pictures of her and show them on repeat to her father James Gordon just to drive home the pain what he had done. If that’s not crazy then I don’t know what is, but he wants people to see things his way. If you don’t get what the Joker does then he doesn’t find you very amusing!!

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