Thor vs Superman

Thor vs Superman

When trying to come up with a hero or villain strong enough to take on Superman it’s actually pretty difficult. You have Black Bolt, Silver Surfer, Hulk, Hyperion, Sentry, Dr. Strange (possibly) and if you want to throw a curveball, Phoenix. Superman is pretty much unbeatable unless you’re using kryptonite. I’m not going to allow that though, no cheating just straight up power for power battle.

I looked through many characters and the one I came to conclusion that would give Superman the greatest battle is Thor!! In theory anyone could win one battle but how bout a series of battles, a best of ten type. Who would have the strength, courage, wits, grit to beat Superman over and over. That man is Thor, let me explain how..

To start with these guys are at the same level of strength, so no advantage either way in that department. Most people think Superman is stronger than Thor but Thor has done things in the comic books that even Superman hasn’t. For Example Thor used a mystical fishing pole to break the Midgard Serpent’s grip on Earth and lift its full weight off the planet and into space. The serpent itself has the exact same weight as the planet Earth which measures in at 6.6 sextillion tons!! So not only did he lift the Earth but the serpent as well, double the weight! No Hulk or Superman can boast that incredible feat. Even if you still don’t believe they’re equal in strength, remember Thor can trigger his Warrior’s Madness at times in battle that increases his strength by tenfold!

However, Superman does have the advantage in that he’s faster than Thor. Not that Thor is any slow moving slug, it’s just there’s only one person faster than Supes and that man is the Flash (clearly proved in comic book lore when they race). Thor is able to to travel at super speeds, throw Mjolnir faster than the speed of light and can swing it at twice the speed of light. Impressive!! He can see fast moving objects better than anyone other than the Flash, so the notion Superman could just fly or run at light speed or faster to hurt Thor doesn’t work for me.

Stamina in the fight would be advantage to Thor as well. The God of Thunder has no weaknesses, while Superman always has kryptonite as a weakness. While we can’t use that as a weapon as stated in the above article there is another weakness of Superman…. magic!! Many example of this but a great one is in Superman/Shazam: The return of Black Adam, we find that Supes is very vulnerable to magic. Thor has Mjolnir, ultimate weapon to use against Superman, which has strong ties to Dr. Stephen Strange. It’s magical power would crush Superman!!

Who wins in a battle you say?? Well Superman as powerful as he is doesn’t have any powers that Thor wouldn’t also. They really have a lot of powers alike. Thor isn’t susceptible to heat or cold so Superman’s heat vision or hurricane breath would have no effect on him. Thor can control the weather something that must not be underestimated. While this battle in theory could go either way I’m saying Thor wins! He doesn’t have any great weaknesses and he’s a GOD!!

The ultimate trump card in my opinion is Mjolnir. Made of the Asgardian metal Uru by Dwarven blacksmiths (Eitri to be specific) under commision of Loki, the inscription on the side translates to “Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall posses the power of Thor”. Thor didn’t have this power given to him, it was earned. Mjolnir can manipulate time, control the weather, almost unlimited power given to it’s holder, absorb energy, track a person down. Not Vibranium (Captain America shield/Black Panther’s country Wakanda) nor Adamantium (Wolverine) can hurt Mjolnir. A near indestructible weapon wins this battle for Thor!


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  1. miracle says:

    there is no way thor can beat superman prime one million

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