Captain America vs Batman

Captain America vs Batman
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The Dark Knight versus America’s finest. When trying to figure out someone to battle Captain America, I didn’t want him fighting someone with cosmic powers or other worldly abilities. Batman was the most logical choice in my head. In the article ahead you’ll find out why…

First lets start with Steve Rodgers, aka Captain America. Through the Super Soldier serum and Vita Rey treatment he is transformed into everything he wanted since he was a child, the perfect soldier. He blends Judo, Boxing, Kickboxing, and gymnastics into a unique fighting style. He can military press (overhead press for some) 800 pounds and bench press between 1,000-1,500 pounds and curl 500 pounds!! Impressive numbers but obviously skewed because of the soldier serum. Speaking of the serum, many may wonder why it doesn’t wear off. The reason is because his body regularly replenishes it naturally. He has the strength of at least ten men, while most men can lift their own weight, Cap can lift ten times his! He has preternatural strength and his serum enhances his metabolic functions and prevents any poisons to attack his body, IE. cancer, AIDS, common cold. Now that also means he could never catch a buzz drinking alcohol either but hey, a man could try at least.

Rodgers is the strongest willed character in Marvel or DC Universe in my opinion. He is able to overcome most temptation and can resist the highest pain levels. Patriotic to a fault sometimes, Rodgers like Batman, does have a line he just won’t cross. A big reason why I wanted these two to fight. They’re very much alike in that trait. During the Destiny War in Avengers forever ( a short 12 arc series from Marvel), he destroys the forever crystal, deciding it was to dangerous to exist, despite its power. It’s that kind of selflessness that Batman has as well even if it may hurt them in the long run. Only the strongest willed individuals could place Cap under any kind of mind control but it seems highly unlikely.

Cap’s leadership skills are unparalleled. He would beat anyone in this department. In Secret Wars Thor once said that Cap was the only human he would take orders from and would follow him “through the gates of Hades”. Strong words from one of the most powerful characters in the Universe. Amazing tactician and leader (think Steven Gerrard on a pitch), front man of the Avengers. Hates injustice, laziness, corrupt governments, a persistent pest in the side of evil. Any man who is deemed worthy enough to pick up Thor’s Mjolnir, even for a minute, is a worthy opponent. To be in the class of superheros who have done this, Wonder Woman/Superman/Hulk, is very impressive.

Now on to Cap’s shield. The once Vibranium shield is now made of proto-Adamantium, an alloyed mixture of Adamantium and Vibranium. It can survive Wolverine’s claws or Thor’s hammer!! It’s only been broken five times in the long history of Cap. Thanos put in pieces in Infinity gauntlet using the 6 infinity gems ( Time, Space, Mind, Soul, Reality and Power), Thor, with help from the Odin force, destroyed it, Molecule man in Avengers #215 disintegrated it, Doctor Doom in Secret Wars, and Serpent (brother of Odin and Asgardian God of fear) crushed it. Used as a throwing weapon or to block opponents, it is a great weapon for Cap. Captain’s uniform is made of a fire-retardant material, and he wears a lightweight, bulletproof duralumin scale armor underneath his uniform for added protection. He uses a S.H.I.E.LD. Modified motorcycle as transportation and fighting.

His opponent in this battle is Batman, The Dark Night himself. Although he has no superhuman powers, his determination and will is unmatched. Cap would be the closest person who could match it so you can debate that all day and night. Like Cap he can focus even through high levels of pain and is immune to mind control. His willpower is so strong that he once operated a Green Lantern ring!! Incredibly impressive if you know the Green Lantern’s background. He was even eligible for induction into Sinestro’s Corp because of his will power/focus and intimidation factor, although his focus allowed him to rightfully turn it down.

An expert detective ( learning the skill from Harvey Harris, Gotham’s best detective, who was a father figure to Bruce Wayne when his parents were murdered) who uses fear as a motivator, no person is immune to Batman’s persuasion.

Batman’s strength and conditioning is amazing for someone who is “just human”. He’s the pinnacle of human physical prowess. Olympic level fitness, he began training at 12 years old. By the time Bruce was 18 he had mastered nutrition, bio mechanics, training, and weight lifting. He’s uses technology that would make Tony Stark blush. His perfection in these allows him to defeat opponents he otherwise shouldn’t be able to. Batman bench presses between 800-1,000 pounds, military presses 500-600 pounds, and curls 300-350 pounds!! Again for a mere mortal, that is unbelievable. Bruce’s lung capacity is so great he can hold his breath underwater for 4-7 minutes and can survive in an airless environment for 45 seconds! He runs at speeds comparable to Olympic athletes ( think Usain Bolt), and has reflexes so good that he once caught an arrow in his bare hands shot by one Green arrow in Justice League of America 80 page Giant #2!

Batman uses a movement called Parkour (discipline using movement developed from military obstacle course training in France) a balletic form of balance and agility. He has mastered 127 martial arts including Tae Kwon Do, Judo, Muay Thai, Kung Fu, Boxing, Jujitsu, Ninjitsu and Capoeira!! That is dedication my friends!! A master in hand to hand combat and melee weapons (knife, sticks, swords etc.) his fighting skills are unmatched. Accuracy is only matched by Green Arrow, not better but matching Green Arrow is the peak in my opinion.

The big thing which separates Batman from all other tough guys is his brain!! Genius level intellect, he is peerless when it comes to the brain. Even better than Mr. Tony Stark. He holds high level degrees in Biology, Mathematics, Technology, Physics, Mythology, Geography, History, Criminal Science, Forensic Science, Computer Science, Engineering, and Chemistry. Let’s not forget the amount of wealth he has as well. All these degrees and expertise’s he gained before the age of 30 years old!! He also is able to speak fluently in Spanish, French, Latin, German, Japanese, English (of course) Cantonese, Mandarin, Russian, Greek, Portuguese, Arabic, Sanskrit, Hindi, and Thai. The man has a photo-graphic memory, and leadership maybe just below Captain America, which says quite a bit.

The Batsuit is made of reinforced Kevlar and a small percentage of titanium, it’s bulletproof and resistant to many types of attacks while being flame retarding. The gloves have some type of metal blades on their sides and are shock/radiation proof. Electric shocks along with fingertip razor blades are also impressive. The cape allows for easy gliding ability and is also flame retarding and bullet proof. The Cowl (mask) is also made of same thing the suit is but with special gadgets such as night vision, heat vision, stun gas, comm-link, electric blasts as well as protection from concussive blows. Batman’s utility belt has a button to summon his many vehicles (Batboat, Batpod, Batmobile and Batwing), a button to call any member of the Justice League, nerve toxins, smoke bombs, gas mask, many detective tools, and the best one of all a ring of Kryptonite should Superman ever get out of line or lose control. (contained in a lead pocket to not expose Batman to radiation).

When writing this I thought I would have a winner picked easily. After much consideration and thought I would slightly pick Batman to win this battle. A very close call but as someone once said, Batman doesn’t lose many battles he’s prepared for which is just about every one. Maybe if they fought ten times he wins seven or six and Cap wins the others. His intellect, along with his skill, is why I choose Batman to win this battle.

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  1. This is tremendous! I literally mean it. It informed me beyond I imagined. Thank you for sharing this diamond mine.

  2. Agreed! Some of this I never knew about. So thanks!

    I know this article is new so that’s probably why no one said much yet. But I’m sure a fanboy of Captain America is going to pop up sooner or later. So i figured i would get this out there. In the manner of leveling the playing field. Since there is always Fanboys on every side – I’m able to pick a winner in these types of make believe fights because I’m able to do it in an unbiased and neutral manner. That’s just the type of person I am but not everyone can do that – IMO The perfect definition of Fanboy when it comes to comic book characters and who would win a comic book character fight is as follows –

    Fanboy – ” A person who picks their favorite character, no matter what and says that they will always win, just because for some strange reason they can’t bear the thought of their make believe character losing a fight. They usually know the truth but will never admit it”

    So to any Fanboys of Captain America I’d like to say this – with all due respect I personally think Batman would win, he has after all beaten many characters that would absolutely destroy Captain America period. Now keep in mind I love both characters, and I’m saying this in an unbiased and completely neutral manner as always. But for anyone who thinks Captain America would win I say let’s even the playing field.

    Steve Rogers gets his shield. Batman gets one gadget of a similarly equal level. But the only way to make this truly fair is – before anyone says this could never happen keep in mind there from different universes so if they could ever meet THEN YES THIS COULD HAPPEN, AFTER ALL THEY ARE STORIES AND NOT REAL – I say the only fair way to do this is to give Bruce Wayne the super soldier serum as well.

    Who wins then Fanboys??
    Though so. Absolute devastation within like 10 – 30 seconds flat. So without it Bruce most likely wins and with it it’s not even a fight.

  3. I recognize that this is an old post and comment thread but I must add some things here. First, to Syttorak, there is nothing fair or unbiased about your position to suddenly give Batman the Super Soldier Serum to make a point. For a follow up, taking it from Cap would be an equal means of leveling the field, and Cap has faced super soldiers while he himself was not one. He was still able to defeat them in a straight fight.

    Now, to the topic of the article. I must disagree that Batman would win. My disagreement is born of a simple truth, Batman has a very obvious weakness. While he rarely loses fights he is prepared for, he has a difficult time winning fights he isn’t prepared for. Even worse, he has a noticeable difficulty handling opponents that don’t have an obvious weakness. Bane, as an example, has the clear tubes that allow him to inject venom during combat. Those are a glaring weakness for him. On the other side, Deathstroke has no such weakness. Batman has been handedly beaten by him on one occasion and had to fake being beaten on another to handle him. The fake only worked because Deathstroke had amnesia at the time. The only other fight I know of between the two has Batman, Nightwing, and Robin all fight Deathstroke. Captain America does not have a glaring weakness in combat. It has been said by Spider-Man directly that he can’t beat Cap in a straight fight. If Spider-Man, who we all can agree would destroy Batman and should handle Cap, says he can’t do it, why do people assume Batman can? Worse, Batman isn’t bringing anything to a fight that Taskmaster isn’t. Cap has beaten him many times. This is a lopsided fight in favor of Cap and it’s insane to think otherwise. Would he win every fight? No. But out of ten he takes at least six.


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