Anfield Index Podcast

Liverpool’s Rollercoaster Season: An Analysis In the world of football, emotions run high and seasons often unfold with the unpredictability of a well-scripted drama. The 2023/24 season for Liverpool was no exception, offering a storyline filled with highs and lows that could make even the most stoic of fans feel like they were on an […]

Liverpool FC’s Season in Review: Insights from Karl Matchett and Dave Hendrick Liverpool FC’s 2023/24 season has been a rollercoaster of emotions, performances, and tactical brilliance, with its share of highs and lows. Drawing from the insights of Karl Matchett and Dave Hendrick from the Anfield Index Podcast Special, we dive deep into the defining […]

Unforgettable Moments: Liverpool’s Season Through the Eyes of Its Fans Liverpool FC’s journey this season has been a rollercoaster of emotions, with peaks of exhilaration and troughs of despair. Drawing insights from the Anfield Index Podcast, hosted by Nina Kauser and Guy Drinkel, we explore some of the most memorable moments that have shaped the […]

Lynch on VAR: Referee Training and Improvement Needed In a recent episode of the Anfield Index podcast, David Lynch shared his insightful views on the current state of VAR (Video Assistant Referee) and the crucial need for referee training and improvement. The discussion, led by prominent contributors, delved into various aspects that are pivotal to […]

Klopp On His Way: A Detailed Analysis In a recent episode of the Anfield Index podcast, contributors Dave and Karl delve into the significant changes happening at Liverpool FC. This episode, titled “Klopp On His Way,” covers critical updates including Thiago’s departure and Matip’s farewell. Below, we break down the insights shared by Dave and […]

Analysing Trent Alexander-Arnold’s Role in Liverpool’s Tactical Setup Context and Tactical Implications In a detailed episode of the Anfield Index Under Pressure podcast, the panelists focused particularly on Trent Alexander-Arnold’s role during Liverpool’s challenging draw against Aston Villa. His performance and tactical deployment sparked considerable debate about his influence on the game’s dynamics. Strategic Deployment […]

Exploring Klopp’s Leadership and Liverpool’s Premier League Prospects: Insights from the Anfield Index Podcast In the latest episode of the Anfield Index Podcast, hosts Trev Downey and Lisa Marie Hanahan offered valuable insights into Liverpool’s Premier League journey and the management style of Jurgen Klopp. Their discussion sheds light on Liverpool’s current position and prospects, […]

Previewing Liverpool’s Tactical Approach Against Crystal Palace: Insights from Jan Molby Strategic Implications of Liverpool’s Upcoming Fixture with Crystal Palace As Liverpool prepares for an upcoming Premier League match against Crystal Palace, the focus on their strategic approach has intensified. In a detailed discussion on the Anfield Index podcast, ‘Molby on the Spot’, Jan Molby, […]

Liverpool’s Ticket Price Hike and Fan Protests: A Closer Look with Jan Molby Understanding the Backlash Against Liverpool’s Recent Price Changes Liverpool FC’s decision to increase ticket prices has sparked a significant backlash from its fan base, culminating in visible protests during key matches. This development comes at a time when clubs globally are scrutinizing […]

An In-depth Analysis of Liverpool’s Challenges: Insights from Jan Molby Liverpool’s Recent Struggles and Tactical Decisions In a candid discussion on the Anfield Index podcast, ‘Molby on the Spot’, Jan Molby, alongside host Trev Downey, dissected Liverpool’s unexpected defeat by Atalanta and the broader issues facing the team. Molby, known for his sharp insights, didn’t […]

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