Wonder Woman – Movie Review

Wonder Woman – Movie Review
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As the world makes progress and gets increased awareness in the liberal fields and feminism it’s no wonder, pun intended, that Wonder Woman got to hit the big screens. Being the ultimate feminist icon for superheroes it was a very wise move to launch this franchise in this day and age. And they did it very well.

After “Batman vs Superman” everyone was expecting Wonder Woman to be the next DC-inspired film to fill the theatres. With BvS receiving mostly bad reviews however, it was no longer a certainty.For months before the announcement of Wonder Woman there was talk about whether or not the film will actually see the light of day. There were even some gambling sites and sports betting sites that provided odds as to whether or not Warner Bros would go through with the film after the BvS flop. Luckily for us, it did see go through and it is brilliant.

We’ve seen some films with heavy female leading roles take a few hits as of late. The all-women Ghostbusters reboot definitely made Hollywood a bit shaky about producing films that focus on female leads. Although we have seen an abundance of strong female leads in theatres it has been more than a decade since we last saw a comic book-inspired film, 2005’s flop “Elektra”,with a focus on the female lead. Since we’ve seen roughly 55 comic book-inspired films in the theatres this decade, this is a big deal.

Having the female leads take on a man’s ideal has been one of the leading talking points as to why we had yet to see a film like Wonder Woman. The Israeli actress, Gal Gadot, manages to portray the super-heroine as a headstrong and tough champion of justice. Whilst remaining emotional and compassionate, unlike other attempts at female characters in the comic book-franchise, this is definitely not displayed as a weakness.

We get to see Wonder Woman pair up with American soldier Steve Trevor, portrayed by Chris Pine, to take on what you could call a worthy adversary – Ares, God of War. The main plot consists of Wonder Womanbelieving Ares is attempting to push mankind into World War I. With the current discussion in the world surrounding wars being a barbaric and unnecessary practice the plot sure hits home and might be a contributing factor the overwhelmingly positive feedback.

As to not reveal too much about the plot, you can expect to see a fantastic character development along with pretty good special effects that will put you at the end of your seat. The great action choreography salvages any shortcomings of special effects and makes sure you stay entertained. The best part of the movie is the thoughtful and endearing first half, where we get to see great chemistry between the lead actress and actor.

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