Nostalgia: Jurassic Park Movie Review

With great monsters comes great responsibility. Or something like that? Paraphrasing from one of the most famous lines in fictional adventure, I’ve gone all upside down and inside out and, sorry to disappoint you, but I’m almost definitely talking about dinosaurs here, not spiders. Or men. Sorry about that. No Spiderman here. In 1994 what […]

The Terminator vs. Merc with the Mouth

Before I start I know a lot of people think Deadpool can’t be killed. While I’ve heard this before it’s just not true. You’ve seen the death of Wolverine recently in comics and if you know anything about comic books anyone is fair game. I wanted to start with this caveat because I wanted everything […]

Dr. Strange: Marvel’s Master of the Mystic Arts

With the movie coming out November 4th 2016 (at least in the USA where this is being written) I thought I’d write about the good doctor and give some background on him. Dr. Stephen Strange first appeared in Strange Tales #110 in a split book with The Human Torch. Comics were much different to today’s […]

Batman vs Superman: It’s extended… but is it any better?

One of the major criticisms levelled at “Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice” was that editing had left the film feeling quite disjointed. In some cases scenes had clearly had key elements removed which removed context and left them hard to follow. So, to rectify this, shortly after the film was released (and the negative […]

Nostalgia: Forrest Gump Movie Review

For full disclosure, Forrest Gump is my second favourite film. I find that, usually, writing about something you love, cherish and find meaningful will get the juices flowing twice as fast and take half the length of time than writing about something you don’t really care about will. It seems obvious but maybe not. It […]

Iron Man: Battling The Cold War And The Bottle

Created by Stan Lee and introduced in Tales of Suspense #39 (1963), Iron Man was originally created as a Cold War hero determined to protect Americans and defend the world from Communism. He was to explore America’s role in technology and business in the fight against communism. In early 60’s stories of Iron Man he […]

A White World: Diversity In Comics

When I started to think of the next article to write I kept coming back to the same topic in mind, diversity. While I’m a huge comic book geek, I always wondered why growing up I rarely saw anyone of color or different gender as lead characters. Hit me at a young age, it’s just […]

Wonder Woman and Feminism

Wonder Woman isn’t just a feminist icon, she is THE feminist icon. Crazy to say with the likes of Coretta Scott King, Maya Angelou, Oprah, Malala Yousafzai and Emma Watson as famous feminist icons in their own right among many others. Wonder Woman wasn’t even the first female superhero created, Black Widow and Bulletgirl have […]

“Suicide Mission” – A Suicide Squad Review

“You know what they say about the crazy ones…” – Captain Boomerang SUMMARY Enjoyable, likeable in parts, but ultimately forgettable, and short of the charming, cool film you hoped for. + A team of bad guys! + Will Smith is solid as ever + Harley Quinn’s in a movie! + Diverse cast – The one-liners don’t […]

Captain America vs Batman

Captain America vs Batman

The Dark Knight versus America’s finest. When trying to figure out someone to battle Captain America, I didn’t want him fighting someone with cosmic powers or other worldly abilities. Batman was the most logical choice in my head. In the article ahead you’ll find out why… First lets start with Steve Rodgers, aka Captain America. […]

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