Thor vs Superman

When trying to come up with a hero or villain strong enough to take on Superman it’s actually pretty difficult. You have Black Bolt, Silver Surfer, Hulk, Hyperion, Sentry, Dr. Strange (possibly) and if you want to throw a curveball, Phoenix. Superman is pretty much unbeatable unless you’re using kryptonite. I’m not going to allow […]

the joker

“The Jester of Genocide”

I thought about writing many different things when I started this but I kept coming back to The Clown Price of Crime, The Joker. I decided to write a little about what makes him tick, who he is, why he’s my favorite character in the comic book universe, because sometimes you need a little crazy. […]

“Captain America: Civil War” Reaction

Now that my blood pressure has returned to normal levels and my throbbing… erm… excitement has gone down, it seems only fair to put my thoughts down into a mini-review but I promise no spoilers for at least a few more weeks to give you all time to watch it three times. (I’ve already got […]


Arrow S04E18 aka “WHUT??”

So… the dust has partially settled on what was a pretty emotive and ground-breaking episode of Arrow. It’s fair to say that the writers have shown that they aren’t scared to make the big calls but the question is – did they make the right call? I can see both sides of the story here […]

Batman vs Superman: A Reaction

Afternoon folks! Well I (Stu, hi there!) finally got the chance to see Batman vs Superman (aka Dawn of Justice) last night after a week of house moving stress and pain and you know what? I am one happy little DC fanboi! Anyone who’s listened to the AI Comic Pod (which is all of you, […]

Deadpool: The Ultimate Antihero?

As the dust settles on what was an extraordinary cinema release for the film (grossing over $700 million worldwide); I look back to my first experience watching the red suited antihero, who had this particular viewer giggling with glee, at what unfolded in front of me. If you remove the gratuitous violence, the sex, the […]


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