Ben Doak’s Journey with Liverpool: A New Chapter Begins Ben Doak’s Rising Star Ben Doak, the 17-year-old prodigy, recently signed a new deal at the AXA Training Centre, reaffirming his commitment to Liverpool. This move comes after his initial transition from Celtic in the summer of 2022. Making a Mark at Anfield Since his arrival, […]

Mark Moraghan narrates the ninth and final episode of League Of Our Own, topics include: - Premier League football is suspended because of the Covid-19 pandemic - Will the null and void merchants get their way? - What will football look like in the future? - Dealing with lockdown - Liverpool clinch the title after Manchester City drop points at Chelsea - Live reaction from the AI team: when will it sink in? - How unbearable will you be? - Scrapbooks, surreal feelings and cigars - The most important moment of the season - The Reds’ person of the season Guests include Gags Tandon, Dave Hendrick, Mark Moraghan, Sir Kenny Dalglish, Paul Dalglish, Eddie Gibbs, Greig Hopcroft, Chris Pajak, Trev Downey, Jan Molby, Simon Brundish, Dan Kennett, Dan Rhodes, Nina Kauser, Guy Drinkel, Tadiwa Chinakara, Kaylon Karrim, Hari Sethi, Mo Chatra, Karl Matchett, Jim Boardman, Scott Chandler, Nick Turner, Harinder Singh, Justin Wells, Del, Simon Dowling and Jay Reid. All this and more on League of Our Own!
Mark Moraghan narrates the eighth episode of League Of Our Own, topics include: - How many medals do you get for going unbeaten?  - Insight into signing Henderson from the manager who signed him - Hundreds of adjectives banned by Trev - Humility and psychic ability like in the 1980s - 1.6 million points this season - Cloning Gags' pressing brain - Did Norwich beat us 5-0? Hard to know - Superb Salah - Routine brilliance of Alisson Becker - Stop the press: Liverpool lost a football match - The dastardly dark arts of Simeone  - Trust the team they will find a way - World’s finest shithouses - Moyes is a winner - The best stat ever on Anfield Index Guests include: Trevor Downey, Karl Matchett, Jim Boardman, Sir Kenny Dalglish, Eddie Gibbs, Dan Kennett, Dan Rhodes, Simon Brundish, Guy Drinkel, Nina Kauser, James Pearce, Hari Sethi, Dave Hendrick, Jan Molby. All this and more on League of Our Own!
Mark Moraghan narrates the seventh episode of League Of Our Own, topics include: - Witnessing the best ever Liverpool side? - Henderson’s tennis ball trophy - Controlled beautiful football - Comparing today’s team with the 1987/88 vintage - Bootroom 2.0 - Evolving into mini media companies - Not ever arsed about Man City anymore - Utterly forlorn Tyler - Mourinho wasting talented footballers - FSG brilliant versus the asterix-driven finances of other clubs - Comedy team talks - View from the Main Stand singing the title song - Best individual pressing performance ever - What gameplan can beat us? Guests include: Trevor Downey, Dave Hendrick, Karl Matchett, Gags Tandon, Dan Kennett, Dan Rhodes, Simon Brundish, Jan Molby, Nina Kauser, James Pearce, Jon Northcroft, Chris Pajak, Eddie Gibbs, Mo Chatra, Hari Sethi and Jim Boardman. All this and more on League of Our Own!
Mark Moraghan narrates the sixth episode of League Of Our Own, topics include: - Dealing with BIg Nige - Watford giving up huge chances regularly - Sarr’s miss - Naby the top presser - Shithousing our way to the final - Winning the CWC was historical and unique in our history - Patented trophy lift - How many games unbeaten at Anfield?! - Brendan cast as the original Eddie Howe - Shellacking 2.0 - Doyle on Strictly - Unholy amount of points after 19 games - Something in the air pre-match - Loving to play in midfield with Henderson Guests include: Trevor Downey, Jim Boardman, Karl Matchett, Dan Kennett, Simon Brundish, Gags Tandon, Dan Rhodes, Mo Chatra, Hari Sethi, Dave Hendrick & Jan Molby All this and more on League of Our Own!
Mark Moraghan narrates the fifth episode of League Of Our Own, topics include: - It’s only Everton - Exceptional Wijnaldum - The psychic ability of Liverpool players - The red arrows - Jinxing the set-piece defending - Gags’ pressing milestone - Mane’s best-ever creativity - We heart Eddie Howe - The perfect clean sheet - Trev challenged to a stat-off - Superb Salzburg - Liverpool sign a football player - A potential golden era after Klopp signs a new deal Guests include: Trev Downey, Dave Hendrick, Karl Matchett, Jim Boardman, Jan Molby, Dan Kennett, Dan Rhodes, Simon Brunish, Gags Tandon, Nina Kauser, Tom Middler, James Pearce & Eddie Gibbs All this and more on League of Our Own!
Mark Moraghan narrates the fourth episode of League Of Our Own, topics include:  - Liverpool now have a similar aura to Ferguson’s Manchester United teams - The three worst players on the pitch versus Aston Villa - Peevish, almost obsessed, comments by Pep Guardiola post-match - A change in how the team performs every season - Is Mane a diver?  - Fixing the farce of VAR - The Champions League game nobody wanted - The clean sheet situation - Pep’s full-back spending spree - Angelino ruined by Salah - Poor old Martin Tyler having a tough time - Henderson’s brilliant cross and Sadio’s poaching - An iron grip on the most important match of the season - Winning a league game against fourth-placed Manchester City - What a time to be alive! - Anfield’s greatest ever goal? - Who makes the best brew?  - The perfect Klopp performance  - Fabinho man of the match - How much are the midfielders contributing?  - Five years of Desi - Imagine being Duncan Castles and Andy Gray - Brexit bingo and the Mitchell brothers on Match of the Day Guests include Trev Downey, Karl Matchett, Dave Hendrick, Gags Tandon, Simon Brundish, Dan Kennett, Nina Kauser, Jonathan Norcroft, Jan Molby, Dan Rhodes, Eddie Gibbs, Guy Drinkel, James Pearce, Neil Jones, Harinder & Mo Chatra. All this and more on League of Our Own!
Mark Moraghan narrates the third episode of a League Of Our Own, topics include: Fabinho curing Gags' boredom Scouting Minamino Evans' media masterclass Destroying the Foxes Ranking the expected goal models Happy birthday Trent Kenny on the respect Klopp demands Manchester United an irrelevance Klopp creating his own history Nullifying our creative threats with no desire to win What does covering Liverpool away from home in Europe involve? Finding a photo of Edwards Repeat of the Champions League Final Tyler getting the lube out for Captain Harry of England 14 different goalscorers already this season All this and more on League of Our Own!
Mark Moraghan narrates the second episode of a League Of Our Own, topics include:  Beating Brexit Burnley 13 consecutive wins and breaking club records Pep Guardiola the pauper Mo Salah in the mixed zone AI making dreams come true Baba Firmino Learning to strike a football like Cruyff The perfect start to a league campaign continues
Mark Moraghan narrates a League Of Our Own - a ten-part series looking back through the Reds' Premier League winning season, month by month, selecting the best bits from AI:PRO contributors. The first episode includes: - A special flight across the Atlantic. - Season predictions and potential gaps in the squad. - Champions of Europe versus the Champions of the Championship. - Victory in the European Super Cup gives Liverpool another trophy, but does it matter? - The fabulous Firmino. - Toppling Man City, and how big a challenge that will be in 2019/20. - The scare are Southampton. - Witnessing such a vast gulf in class between Klopp's side and the visiting Gunners. - The fabulous Fabinho. - Media Matters, and Klopp believing this team is reaching its peak...

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