Time for Studge to budge from Liverpool

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Before I get started on this article, let’s get a few things out of the way.

I’m a big fan of Daniel Sturridge; I think he’s one of the league’s best finishers and can be a world beater on his day.

Secondly, this is my opinion. As Henry Jackson touched upon in his piece for Anfield Index, there is no need for Liverpool fans to slaughter each other for differences in opinion. I don’t like Alberto Moreno, you may like him. That’s fine, no need to bicker, move on.

Anyway, let’s get down to business. I may get slaughtered for this, but it’s time for Daniel Sturridge to leave Liverpool Football Club.

Here’s why:

Square peg in a round hole

As I said above, Daniel Sturridge is a top quality striker. When he’s on form, he’s deadly. He’d get in pretty much any side in the world.

For Jürgen Klopp’s Liverpool, though, it’s a case of a square peg in a round hole. As Hamzah 127 wrote, the England man does not fit the system.

“The issue arises when Daniel Sturridge, by far Liverpool’s best goalscorer, does not fit into this particular system as the spearhead; perhaps due to injuries sustained over the past few years, an unwillingness to press, or even that he simply is not as good as other offensive options, such as Firmino, as pressing intelligently from the front.”

Sturridge is a selfish player, but in a good way. It’s what makes him a deadly striker; he has to be selfish and take chances that others would not.

In Klopp’s high tempo, high pressing system, the side can’t afford for Sturridge to be selfish. Liverpool under Klopp are at their best when the likes of Firmino. Coutinho and Lallana are intricate around each other. Sturridge does not offer that type of intricate play. When Firmino would look to slot his team-mates through, link up with Coutinho or pull of a flick that puts a team-mate in on goal, Sturridge would look to create an opportunity for himself.

Roberto Firmino

The Brazilian striker has become arguably Liverpool’s most important player under Jürgen Klopp. He’s scoring goals, he’s creating chances and he’s a key component in the side’s build-up.

He’s indispensable.

Sadly for Daniel Sturridge, he also happens to play in the same position in Klopp’s system. Liverpool is a better side with Firmino leading the line, so we must not look to force Sturridge into the starting XI.

Better back-up options

So, we’ve established that Roberto Firmino is a better option for leading the line, so surely Daniel Sturridge is the best second choice option for Klopp?

Wrong – well in my opinion anyway. Largely for most of the reasons mentioned above, but when Sturridge comes on he almost stagnates the play. His solo-minded approach on the ball means that Liverpool’s play slows down, becomes one-dimensional and lacks real purpose. There’s no surprise that Liverpool improved against Manchester United when Sturridge left the field.

Liverpool’s other striking options are Divock Origi and Danny Ings. Both are relatively unproven at Premier League level but are promising players and are better suited to Klopp’s system.

Ings is a prolific presser, which Sam McGuire discussed. “During his final season with Burnley he recovered the ball in the final third every 106 minutes and he also won 1.7 tackles per 90. He puts his team on the front foot.”

Nobody can doubt Ings’ hard-work or his attitude. Despite being with the Under 23s this year, Ings has got his head down and worked hard as well as firing in the goals, including a hat-trick against Ipswich. He looks as though he will finally get a chance under Klopp this week in the EFL Cup clash against Spurs.

Young Belgian striker Divock Origi has looked like a new man since Jürgen Klopp came in to replace Brendan Rodgers and in my opinion offers a lot more in place of Firmino than Daniel Sturridge does. He’s quick, mobile and works hard to press the opposition back line.

Not only this, but Origi represents a possible change in style for Klopp’s team, whereas Sturridge and Firmino are both players who like to drop deep. Origi can lead a line, hold the ball up, bully defenders and be a physical presence.

Whereas Sturridge is not far off a like-for-like replacement for Firmino, Origi enables Klopp to ramp up the pressure on an opposing back line or alternatively to be a presence up front when seeing out a game, something Sturridge is not.

Financial Value

Daniel Sturridge may be lots of fans’ second choice striker, but for me he is third choice if not fourth choice. Ridiculous I know for a player of his quality, but for the team’s sake I think it’s realistic.

So is his reported £120,000 per week wages value for money for a third or fourth choice striker? Definitely not. Is it value for money for a second choice striker? I’d argue probably not.

Sturridge’s value in this transfer market has to be at least £30million, considering his age, quality and fitness record.

That money, along with his wages, could be reinvested in the side to improve much needed areas.


I have no doubt that I will be berated on social media for holding this opinion, but I believe the points I make are perfectly valid. Why should Liverpool force a player into their starting XI just because he’s Daniel Sturridge? We’re a much better side without him and for the sake of the player and the club; it’s time for Sturridge to move on.

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  1. Perfectly valid points and you echo what we as Liverpool fans see on the pitch.

    Funny enough, instead of selling & signing a striker, there’s a case for selling him to Arsenal and demand Aaron Ramsey in exchange.

  2. With Europe on the horizon, it’s time to start adding players for next year. We won’t find a player with the skills of Sturridge on the market. We don’t need the money from his sale. He stays despite an ill fit and we spend our time looking to strengthen other positions for CL.

  3. Ings is perfect replacement to Firmino and Klopp probably aware of that. Origi’s also good, but his positioning when Liverpool attacks is questionable and he struggles to choose a right direction to move/sprint to give more strength to attack. Ings is machine without feeling of tire. I can see him become even first choice or at least present very very strong competition to Bobby sooner rather than later.

  4. Agree he’s no longer in the starting XI,and if he continues to fade like this,others like Ings and Divock are here to take his place,but let’s not foget he’s in a bad form and despite Ings and Origi working hard better than him,for a back up option i think Studge should be more useful for his goalscoring ability. i think he may leave the club at the end of the season,not in January because of the AFCON,Mané will be missing and he’ll be needed!

  5. i think you have spoken well with some valid point. I have question, how did Sturridge score 13 goals under Klopp last season?.
    The truth is fine he is not hitting it up in games now am but we shouldn’t forget the coach doesn’t think he his done yet. Early this week Klopp said he can afford time to regain his sharpness in front of goals.
    If the Jurgen thinks he his not up yet for him while are we saying he should br sold personally i think Sturridge can flourish under Klopp i watched Chase the ball endlessly last season and rvrn under Rodgers with Suarez.
    He has lost some pace due to severe injuries wooes I think his extra training after normal training session will pay off as the season wears on.
    I can believe Sturridge is not striving because he scored 13 goals under the same coach. I see his psychiatry is done once he is feeling himself again he will get back to his best.
    Remember Sturridge is trying to play more with his team mate which is not the usuallly Sturridge it will take time to get that mentality off his head.
    Personally let’s give him a break at least let’s thanks God some other of our attackers are scoring goals which is a massive relief on him. He will get back to his best I can be very sure we need him we shouldn’t ever consider selling him he still remains a potent force.

  6. Some fans are so funny

    From the top of my head, Sturridge has started 4 games this season; the debacle at Hull, the hammering of the Champions, the dismantling of (the then apparently formidable) Chelsea and the latest disappointment against Mourinho’s billion dollar Stoke.

    And that’s been enough to convince so many of you that Sturridge is a terrible fit that needs to be sold asap?? lol

  7. There maybe thousands more reasons to sell studge bt look klopp is not that kind of manager,i’m his follower since his on peak Dortmund days he is kinda different manager..the calm one in transfer market atleast. Robert lewendowski was also not good in pressing at start of his Dortmund career..so what klopp did?? He put him in number 10 role for whole first season so he get used to klopp’s system,tactics…what comes out than…he becomes a world beater,single handedly beatbig european teams lreal madrid,bayern..what i’m trying to saying is just matter of time that daniel will back in starting line up,as i mention above klopp is a different manager than others,he knows daniel’s qualities his strengths. May be he will create a system where he can get best of studge,maybe a 4-2-3-1 or 4-4-2 where without even pressing he can score goal. All in all i want to say is selling him is not a work does it? Getting the best out him is real challenge.. I will go with the later one hope klopp too

  8. Most of what you’ve said I agree with and it wouldn’t surprise me if Sturridge is gone this time next year. However he is definitely second choice striker at the moment and rightly so. His overall ability, experience and goal return put him above Origi and Ings.
    Although the system isn’t great for him, he is good enough to step up and do a job there when needed. As seen against Leicester where his movement and touch helped create the first two goals.
    With so many games left to play you cannot write him off just yet.


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