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Managerial Merry-Go-Round & Luton Preview: AEye Scouted

Managerial Merry-Go-Round & Luton Preview: AEye Scouted

Dave & Karl discuss the variety of managerial changes around Europe with a good few of job changes recently. The pair then preview Wednesday nights game against Luton. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Post Conference Presser: Luton Home

Post Conference Presser: Luton Home

Dave Davis reviews Jurgen Klopp’s unique pre Burnley presser and covers: - Q&A’s plus injury updates galore - ⁠Brentford Lessons - ⁠Train of Thoughts Around Line-up - Score and Scorer Prediction Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Paul Mitchell Sporting Director? - Daily Red Podcast

Paul Mitchell Sporting Director? - Daily Red Podcast

On today's episode Dave looks at one of the rumoured options for Liverpool's sporting director as he takes a deep dive to look at the career and record of Paul Mitchell. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Rival Recon: Liverpool v Luton Town 23/24 - Rival Recon

Rival Recon: Liverpool v Luton Town 23/24 - Rival Recon

Following a comprehensive 4-1 win over Brentford last weekend, the Reds now turn their attention towards a midweek clash with Luton Town at Anfield before everyone’s attention shifts to the Carabao Cup Final this Sunday. Joining Hari on the pod this week to discuss how Luton Town have defied expectations this season & whether they’ll have enough to stay up, we welcome on Mark Ryland of the WALT Podcast. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jurgen Said to Me -Episode 24:  Positivity Podcast

Jurgen Said to Me -Episode 24: Positivity Podcast

Paul, Lubo, and Matt set off on this month’s discussion with a look at Jurgen Klopp’s legacy and where he ranks among the Liverpool manager greats. They then discuss the latest results and the current injury situation facing the Reds. The guys finish with a preview of the League Cup Final against Chelsea and the title implications of the upcoming match against Manchester City. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

WWE Hell In A Cell Preview

It’ll be all eyes on Boston this Sunday as WWE brings the Raw pay per view Hell In A Cell to town. It’s being billed as a triple main event show, but in reality there are two main events here and the most significant of them is the Women’s title match between the champion and […]

WWE No Mercy Review

Unusually, No Mercy began with the main event. Hopefully, this was purely because of the presidential debate and not a new format as the old school in me insists that the main event should close the show. Anyhow, we got straight to the WWE title match between AJ Styles, John Cena and Dean Ambrose… well, […]

WWE’s Most Legendary Wrestlers

Quantifying the accomplishments of pro wrestlers is a difficult task and can lead to endless debate. Are winning championships as important as headlining events? Or is it about charisma, longevity, or if you helped increase the sport’s popularity? But no matter who you think the best ever are or who you credit the WWE’s popularity […]

WWE No Mercy Preview

I’ve been pleasantly surprised by Smackdown recently and whilst I still have reservations over some of the camera angles and zooms for how it makes the show look smaller than it is, the creative content and flow of the show has been good. That leads nicely onto this Sunday’s PPV – No Mercy. I’ve just […]

The WWE Cruiserweight Question

I really enjoyed watching the CWC on WWE Network – from the way it was presented, to the way it was called, to the action in the ring. From start to finish, it was an engaging product that kept my interest, despite not knowing the majority of the competitors when it initially began. I’m sure […]

WWE Backlash Review

As a ppv I had low expectations of, Backlash had an opportunity to at least pleasantly surprise. Before I get into the matches, my bug-bear with the camera work continues; the close up shots make the arena and crowd seem smaller, despite it not being a small setting. Anyhow, that’s my pet peeve out of […]

WWE Backlash Preview

So, this is the first of the brand specific PPV’s and I have to say, I’m hardly enthused. I firmly believe that Smackdown should be a unique and exciting show, with the advantage of having only 2 hours of television to fill. Sadly, the draft simply split the roster up and missed the opportunity to […]

The Kevin Owens Show

I have to say I popped when Kevin Owens won the Universal title on Raw last week. As a fan, it was just one of them moments that you enjoy and you get lost in the moment because you know it’s special and the guys on the Pro Wrestling Index podcast covered it so well. […]

Am I Miz-ing something?

The Talking Smack segment post-Smackdown just over a week ago really got tongues wagging. The ‘exchange’ between The Miz and Daniel Bryan had some wondering if it was a shoot or a work. For the record, it was unquestionably a work for me, albeit a very good one. I openly admit that I’ve never been […]

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