Unruly ‘Fan’ Makes a Mockery of Hillsborough Tragedy, Receives Football Ban We take you to Willesden Magistrates’ Court in London where a man found himself laughing, oblivious to the severity of the scene. James White, a 33-year-old from Warwickshire, showcased a complete lack of remorse when a four-year football ban was meted out for his […]

Hillsborough Tragedy Mocked: Tottenham Fan Faces Football Ban In a scene that evoked the chilling memories of the Hillsborough tragedy, Kieron Darlow, a Tottenham Hotspur supporter, recently received a three-year football banning order for his unpalatable behaviour during the Spurs’ narrow 4-3 loss to Liverpool in April. The incident once again brings the Hillsborough disaster, […]

In a distasteful incident that sparked outrage amongst the football community, a Manchester United fan has been charged for wearing an offensive shirt with a direct reference to the Hillsborough disaster. The incident took place amidst the recent FA Cup final at Wembley, further marring the competitive spirit of the occasion. An Offensive Statement James […]

In a shameful episode that unfolded at Wembley, an individual was detained following an apparent mockery of the Hillsborough disaster – a tragedy that still haunts Liverpool to this day. This tragic incident will forever be a part of Liverpool’s history, connecting it to Manchester United through a shared, painful footballing heritage. At the heart […]

As the sceptre of the King’s coronation hovers over the weekend, Liverpool Football Club finds itself ensnared in a quandary of patriotism and loyalty. The Premier League, with fervent insistence, has urged the clubs to indulge in various activities to mark the regal occasion, among which playing the national anthem at Anfield is a key […]

The guilty men of Hillsborough will die in their droves in the next few years. They go to their graves with their reputations intact, having enjoyed the honours and status bestowed on them by a rancid country. Those honours should have been stripped from them. Sir Bernard Ingham died last week. Margaret Thatcher’s press secretary […]

It comes around about once every decade. The Scouse vs. Wool, Local vs. Out-Of-Towner debate is a Liverpool staple. This time it’s got a new twist. The suggestion that the club could be bought by Qataris has added an extra wrinkle. You’re racist if you object to despots. Tuesday marked the fifteenth anniversary of the […]

The best quality a footballer can have is availability. It doesn’t matter how good you are if you can’t play. Daniel Sturridge might have been the best English striker of the previous decade but he didn’t get onto the pitch enough. Harry Kane would not have been close to becoming England’s leading goalscorer if Sturridge […]

How was 2022 for you? The answer has to be “crap” in a general sense. From a Liverpool perspective it’s been a mixed year. We forget quickly but the first five months were as uplifting as any period in my supporting life. The quest for the quad was special. To go into the last week […]

Here’s what you can expect as a Liverpool fan in the 2020s: life will be a roller-coaster. Here’s what you can’t expect: to win the title more than once in a – and I use the phrase consciously – blue moon. It’s no use cryarsing about every defeat and every missed transfer target. The words […]

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