International breaks are a bit of a curate’s egg. Now, that is supposed to mean that there are both good and bad aspects to them and yet the origin of the expression yields a meaning far closer to this columnist’s opinion of the all-too-frequent Premier League interruptions. Apparently, the turn of phrase comes from an […]

Hello, good evening and welcome to a brief and final Latest News, of the week, where absolutely nothing is wrong. What could be wrong? That television? It was always broken, what of it? Yes, that computer monitor too. The radio too, yeah. What are you implying? Everything’s fine. WE SAID IT’S FINE. Football is supposed to […]

For a third successive day, the second of your updates from Latest News concerns the bureaucratic nonsense which is robbing Liverpool Football Club of one of their most valuable on-field assets. As the story unfolded yesterday, there was some hope of a defiant stance from the club, a rumour that Joel Matip would be named […]

Irrespective of one’s political leanings, and trust me, readers, there will never be any such divisive talk here in the paragraphs of Latest News, it is hard to ignore the aptness of Leon Trotsky’s take on administrative red tape as it might be applied to the triangle of inertia between FIFA, Fédération Camerounaise de Football and Liverpool’s […]

Yesterday, as that maestro of the machinations of modern football instructed his preposterously expensive team to get the ball wide and bombard the Liverpool penalty area with crosses and diagonal bombs, this scribbler can’t have been alone in thinking that it would have been an altogether more forlorn exercise if Joel Matip had been free […]

As far back as I can remember I’ve loved football. As a child, it was playing Sunday League, Five a side, Headers and Volley’s and no matter the weather, I’d always take hours of pleasure practising Keepie Uppies in the garden. I’d play anytime and anywhere, all I needed was something to kick; whether that […]

Introduction Let’s make one thing clear – I am not defending Luis Suarez. He inexplicably decided to sink his teeth into an opponent for the third time and deserves to be banned. However, we must ask ourselves is the severity of the ban warranted and why is it that Liverpool Football Club is the party that […]

FIFA’s Disciplinary Process: Introduction: FIFA’s Code of Ethics, Disciplinary Code and Regulations govern whether or not a player will be reprimanded for transgressions that occur in relation to their employment as a professional footballer and as a member of FIFA. The authorities of the major leagues are all members of FIFA and as such bound […]

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