FSG policy

With our world-famous club now off the market (apparently), it seems that John Henry and his FSG group are keen to realign the structure within Liverpool FC. With finance likely coming their way, it does appear that a soft release of the club is still afoot, one which will allow the sale process to be […]

Curious Case of An Entitled, Performative Fanbase On 9 April 2018, on the eve of Liverpool’s second leg Champions League quarter-final against Manchester City, Jurgen Klopp stood in a room at Manchester City’s Etihad Campus after concluding with a presser. He surveyed City’s training complex from a window, and he was clearly impressed by the […]

FSG (Fenway Sports Group) have had several parties ready to make very big offers in recent months but nobody was willing to reach the £4.5 billion ceiling required for John W Henry to part ways with Liverpool FC. It was Mr. Henry that made the ultimate; not unanimous, call not to entertain any offers. He […]

2023 is shaping up to be one of the most pivotal years in the history of Liverpool Football Club. Decisions that need to be made will alter the course of its history for a long time to come. Key amongst them is a choice FSG need to make- stay or go. For me, it’s obvious-go. […]

How was 2022 for you? The answer has to be “crap” in a general sense. From a Liverpool perspective it’s been a mixed year. We forget quickly but the first five months were as uplifting as any period in my supporting life. The quest for the quad was special. To go into the last week […]

Will there ever be another quiet day at Liverpool this season? It seems impossible to imagine right now, off the back of the announcement that Julian Ward (Sporting Director) and Dr Ian Graham (Director of Research) will be leaving the club at the end of this season. Against the backdrop of FSG putting the club […]

If and when FSG sell Liverpool Football Club, their prime motivation (beyond securing a maximum return on their investment) should be to leave the club in a position where it is financially able to compete with other clubs in a way they simply can’t right now. This is a point Jurgen Klopp acknowledged before the […]

It was always inevitable that FSG would sell the club sooner rather than later, but the key point is to understand the timing of their ‘For Sale’ sign and statement, and what has led the Boston-based consortium to choose now as the moment to cash in. FSG are primed to make an enormous amount of […]

Here’s what you can expect as a Liverpool fan in the 2020s: life will be a roller-coaster. Here’s what you can’t expect: to win the title more than once in a – and I use the phrase consciously – blue moon. It’s no use cryarsing about every defeat and every missed transfer target. The words […]

When you look at the transfers that Liverpool have made under Jurgen Klopp, the key factor over that body of work stands out a mile. The ability to consistently take players to the next level isn’t a skill too many coaches have been able to evidence. Certain managers can improve a player no doubt, but […]

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