Sometimes, in the cacophony of cryarsing that surrounds football, you forget what makes the game great. It should be fun but some people make supporting a club seem like hard labour. And then Liverpool spank Manchester United 7-0. It was an experience of pure, uplifting joy. I’ve always thought that I came from the luckiest […]

To look back at the history of Liverpool Football Club, it will always produce a high volume of celebrated names. The future legends of this era will one day become mythical figures spoken of to our children and grandchildren, but this past week requires more attention to the name of one of the clubs’ departed […]

I was born on 12/11/81, so have been fortunate enough to witness some truly magnificent games as a Liverpool fan. The opinions and preferences are far reaching, and the glorious fact is that Liverpool FC continues to offer brilliance as a football club. To look at singular games, I can easily think of marvellous matchups […]

From its opening shots back in Summer 2015, this season has been one of the most unpredictable ever seen. Even now, as we roll through March, nothing is certain. Oh, unless you’re a Villa fan that is. As a supporter I’ve never experienced anything like it. I mean we’ve all seen blips in the usually […]

During my 21 years on the planet, the Liverpool fanbase has always been a divergent lot. Chasms of opinion have existed over matters both trivial and sincere. In the age of Football Twitter the various factions of Liverpool support have become increasingly clear and ghettoised, united and divided by opinions on various issues of support, players, […]

There have been many great emotional European nights at Anfield. Even with the rise of the modern game Anfield stands apart from other grounds with it’s unrivalled passion. It’s not only an opinion shared by Liverpool supporters, it still remains a mythical citadel of football to most supporters, players and managers, regardless of their era. […]

Let’s start by being a little contentious for the younger generation who never saw the man play, or – at best – have seen little bits of his performances on YouTube and official LFC merchandise: Raymond Neal Clemence was the best goalkeeper I ever saw, in any team, ever – better than Banks, Shilton, Zoff, […]

“It doesn’t matter what you do, we’ve got God on our side”, a fairly common retort from a Liverpool fan in the mid to late nineties. No matter who you were bantering with, which one of your mates’ sides LFC were facing that week – United, Arsenal, Spurs, Newcastle, even Sheffield Wednesday at the time […]

In Part I, I looked at the individual members of the back ‘5’ (including the GK), and the most likely rotational or still to return individuals, each with their own pluses and minuses. In Part II, I want to look at the midfield options and striker responsibilities relative to defence, the overall strategy and tactics […]

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