Tony Evans

Football’s Televisual Shift It hurts those of us of a certain age, but we have to accept that football is now a primarily televisual game. The fans in the stadium become less important by the year. Except… the struggle for owners and marketeers is that atmosphere matters. People want to watch Liverpool across the world […]

Quiet Times at Anfield: Stability Reigns This is one of those few, brief times in the life of a Liverpool fan when things seem too quiet. Everything is pretty stable, the team seems to be going in the right direction and the roller coaster has hit a flat stretch of track. Since the return from […]

Let’s Play The Yes/No Game Yes, Liverpool were screwed by the officiating at White Hart Lane. No, don’t expect support from fans of other teams even though everyone has a horror story about referees/VAR. Yes, the entire refereeing system needs an overhaul. No, Curtis Jones’s red card should not have been rescinded. It’s marginal but […]

Liverpool’s Tactical Mastery Under Jurgen Klopp Klopp’s Substitution Strategy Does it matter that Liverpool have conceded first in four of their six games this season? Well, it’s not ideal. Slow starts leave you vulnerable. Yet, when you look at the tables – the Premier League and Europa League standings – the point tallies indicate that […]

Transfer Window Tensions Just six days of relentless bedwetting to go before the transfer window closes. And if things go wrong at St James’ Park, mattresses will be soaked like never before. Chelsea and Bournemouth both looked like mid-table teams. Newcastle United are a different proposition. They are equipped to exploit Liverpool’s flaws. Yet there’s […]

Criticism and Support for Henderson Too many words have been written about Jordan Henderson. Even so, it’s crucial to make a point. There is only one reason to criticise the 33-year-old. He went out of his way to support the LGBTQ+ community on a number of occasions. It’s impossible to reconcile this public stance with […]

Midfield in Shambles: Jurgen Klopp’s Conundrum The Liverpool Midfield: Past and Present They used to say fixtures were won and lost in midfield. That was never quite true in Jurgen Klopp’s successful Liverpool sides. The midfield rarely won matches but they made sure that the team didn’t lose. After a year of chaos in that […]

Curtis Jones: A Promising Rising Star It’s been a good few months for Curtis Jones. The 22-year-old was prominent in the 11-game unbeaten run that closed out the season and his performances at the Under-21s Euros have been impressive. If he played for Dortmund or Napoli the transfer ultras would be demanding that FSG buy […]

John W Henry’s famous tweet directed at Arsenal came to mind this week. “What do you think they’re smoking at the Emirates?” he wrote when the London club tried to prise Luis Suarez away from Anfield for £40 million plus £1 a decade ago. The Gunners may be making FSG’s top dog uncomfortable again. Arsenal’s […]

Trent Alexander-Arnold was excellent in midfield in England’s 7-0 thumping of North Macedonia. His performance did not answer any of the questions that swirl around the 24-year-old, though. Of course he can dominate the central areas against a team as bad as North Macedonia. Gareth Southgate deploying him as an out-and-out midfielder is hardly the […]

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