Tony Evans

This is where all the cliches ring true. It’s now or never. No hiding place. Take responsibility. No excuses. At the Etihad tomorrow everybody needs to show up. If anything is to come from this disappointment of a season, Liverpool need to take something from Manchester City. And let’s be honest, one point will probably […]

The international break gives everyone a chance to take stock. Where do Liverpool go in the final third of the season? The ideal scenario would be to knock Manchester City out of the title race and then bring them back into play by beating Arsenal – dispatching Chelsea on the way. It is a tricky […]

What’s worse than an international break? An international break that’s overshadowed by a sense of crisis. Bournemouth. Madrid. Neither performance was good enough, neither was acceptable. Jurgen Klopp’s demeanour in the Bernabeu afterwards was worrying. He is a bad loser but that didn’t show. You can moan all you like about FSG – and, yes, […]

Sometimes, in the cacophony of cryarsing that surrounds football, you forget what makes the game great. It should be fun but some people make supporting a club seem like hard labour. And then Liverpool spank Manchester United 7-0. It was an experience of pure, uplifting joy. I’ve always thought that I came from the luckiest […]

The guilty men of Hillsborough will die in their droves in the next few years. They go to their graves with their reputations intact, having enjoyed the honours and status bestowed on them by a rancid country. Those honours should have been stripped from them. Sir Bernard Ingham died last week. Margaret Thatcher’s press secretary […]

It comes around about once every decade. The Scouse vs. Wool, Local vs. Out-Of-Towner debate is a Liverpool staple. This time it’s got a new twist. The suggestion that the club could be bought by Qataris has added an extra wrinkle. You’re racist if you object to despots. Tuesday marked the fifteenth anniversary of the […]

How was 2022 for you? The answer has to be “crap” in a general sense. From a Liverpool perspective it’s been a mixed year. We forget quickly but the first five months were as uplifting as any period in my supporting life. The quest for the quad was special. To go into the last week […]

David Johnson always suffered by comparison with the man who replaced him. Over the years dozens of conversations about the great 1978-79 team have included the line, “Imagine if Rushie would have been a couple of years older.” Johnson’s contribution to the club has too often been overlooked. He was an international-class performer and that […]

The football authorities have developed this unhappy knack of taking something special and ruining it. Generally, it’s in pursuit of money. The World Cup is a perfect example. Switching focus from the domestic season to a tournament and back again in a six-week period doesn’t work. In a World Cup summer, the season ends, there’s […]

The dreams of FSG haters are about to be fulfilled. It was always just a matter of time. You know the saying, though. Be careful what you wish for. It might come true. Some people may relish the thought of petro-states or oligarchs. There are hardly any out there these days. If a Manchester City-style […]

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