“If there’s not drama and negativity in my life, all my songs will be really wack and boring or something.” – Eminem. I like Eminem. I really do. Hidden ironies, duplicitous meanings and hyperbolic analogisms are all things I enjoy. But when these lyrics conspire to become comparative with the future, the lyrics remain relevant […]

The Klopp effect, the Gen-Gen Pressing machine, the German Maestro’s organised mayhem. Hyperbole had been thrown around for a week in preparation for the enigmatic German’s arrival, and much had been made of Klopp’s tactics in the lead-up to the away trip to White Hart Lane. “A wild one” was the phrase that stirred already […]

“I cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a father’s protection.” “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.” Sigmund Freud, the only man whose slips are more famous than Gerrard’s When noted head-shrinker, Sigismund Schlomo Freud, developed his theory of treating psychopathology by engaging in dialogue with his patients, […]

Immediately following the announcement of the dismissal of Brendan Rodgers, Jamie Carragher remarked, “Liverpool are becoming Tottenham, they think they’re a big club but the real big clubs are not too worried about them – who they buy, what they’re going to do – that’s the situation as it’s become for Liverpool, even when I was […]

The pressure on Brendan Rodgers couldn’t be greater, and the cracks are beginning to show, just as they did for Liverpool managers of the past. The end of days for recent Liverpool managers has been signalled with a loss of their public dignity, and Rodgers is no different to the rest in this regard. Liverpool’s […]

2014/15 was an absolute stinker for Liverpool FC, no two ways about it. I went through a full range of emotions with Brendan Rodgers; in October I had hope he could turn it around, in November and December I had sympathy that this once strutting peacock was now a broken shell of a man and […]

The Monday after another three point display at for Brendan Rodgers’s Liverpool, and this week fans of the Mersey Reds have got more than a Premier League victory to celebrate. Seemingly, at times, built from crystal, Daniel Sturridge’s goalscoring return made it abundantly clear to the home crowd, and millions of football fans worldwide, exactly […]

Since the beginning of 2014 nearly everybody in the Liverpool squad has come on leaps and bounds in terms of development and importance within the structure. Jordan Henderson has gone from water carrier to team carrier. Raheem Sterling has gone from wasted talent to one of, if not the brightest spark in English football. Even […]

The appetite has been whetted, the summer consigned to the history books, the Premier League has assumed complete control of our consciousness – almost – alas, however; we sit in the midst of one of the most frustrating weekends of the year. Yes, international football has again stolen our weekend thunder, by rearing it’s head […]

It’s taken a couple of games to get back into the momentum of the season. We saw some aspects of what we built up last season in the first couple of games, but only against Spurs did we see the real Liverpool. Everyone seemed to have a good feeling about Sunday, which wasn’t surprising considering […]

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