Since making his debut in 98, Steven Gerrard has won admiration and praise throughout the footballing world. In his prime, he terrorised defences with his unstoppable runs through midfield and his wonderful strike of the ball. We all know the player our captain was and we know the player he has become. The Gerrard of […]

For the centuries that this magnificent sport has been played, there is always that ‘one team’. The team that gets you so spontaneously dazzled as to why you can’t seem to break them down. From Tenerife to Real Madrid or Dundee Utd to FC Barcelona, everybody’s had one. Liverpool of course, being the wonderfully brilliant […]

The Magic of the (FA) Cup. We all love a good cup tie, don’t we? Every fan, surely, must want to see their team go on a great cup run, musn’t they? I mean, winning breeds winning; it’s a great way to gather momentum; the players just want to get out there and play; When […]

“Final ball, finish it off.  Final ball, finish it off.”  I found myself repeating this phrase over and over again during the last two cup clashes of the past week.  To be fair, we’ve all been saying it pretty consistently over the course of the season, but never more so than against Chelsea and Bolton. […]

In modern day football, the space between the lines is one of the most key areas, if not the key area in attack. One of the most simple reasons for this is that a player who positions himself in this space is theoretically unmarked. If they are to be marked it generally requires one or […]

Last time I put pen to paper (metaphorically speaking), it was in some degree of anger. Christmas was still a couple of weeks away and, having had our in -built cushions handed to us by Beavis’s sidekick’s team of ugly stick victims, led by Phil Jones, Liverpool FC had just endured one of the worst […]

Think of Fernando Torres, and you think of the story of the past few years. The poor performances, the missed opportunities, failing to be the main man – the ghost of the old Fernando Torres, if you will. As much as his work for us deserves to be remembered, it’s hard to look past what […]

Is it possible to buy success in the Premier League? TonyBet has collected the data from each transfer window over the past five seasons – only including ever-present clubs – trying to find the team with the best (and worst) value for money, by comparing the average net spend with their average finishing position in the […]

Football has returned, finally! Club football I mean, the good stuff, the stuff that matters. Yes, the Premier League kicked off its new season last Saturday and, by now, all 20 clubs involved have played their opening two matches. The biggest game of the season so far took place on Monday night, when last year’s […]

BRENDAN Rodgers has grown into one of the most exciting and respected managers in the Premier League. The Northern Irish born man grew up in Ballymena where he learnt and played football with his local side. In 1990, at the age of 17, Rodgers moved to Reading to further his career but it was halted […]

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