Before the home win at Crystal Palace—a game which saw Red hearts beat all the faster for the first time in a while—the ground paid tribute to Bob Paisley, who was born 100 years ago this week. At half-time, Anfield witnessed a cavalcade of his best players such as Kenny Dalglish, Graeme Souness, Jimmy Case, […]

Ask ten football fans: which is the world’s greatest football rivalry? You will get ten different answers – if not more. A Glaswegian may tell you that nothing is as fierce as the Old Firm Derby, Celtic vs Rangers, with its backdrop of simmering political and religious tensions. Ask a Milanese: he will tell you […]

Bitter experience brings us all, inevitably, to the same conclusion – for the most part, people are awful. Now, optimistic philanthropist that you are, lovely reader, you may be bristling at such apparent negativity, but that is only because you are one of the good ones. You simply cannot conceive of the ugliness that resides […]

With the passing of Ronnie Moran last week another guy rope was cut from the current Liverpool set up and the Boot Room age. The death of ‘Bugsy’ was felt keenly by those fortunate enough to witness the glory days of LFC. For many of us he simply was LFC and the sight of him […]

It’s been a strange old season. A season defined by decisions, emotion, joy, despair and P45’s. One, where it was never about the league. Instead, it was about contrast. Contrast of squad depth, incredible performances, managerial appointments and injury. All of these events have lead to this point, 15th of May 2016. Liverpool are 8th […]

All of us really. Many may not be born in Liverpool but somehow, some way know that a Liverbird was around us in some shape or form before we could walk. A wise man told me it’s not where you’ve come from but where you’re at. So where are you at? Are we ready to […]

Quick question Reds, Who is Liverpool’s greatest ever manager? I bet your answer depends on what age you are. If you’re in your twentys or thirties you might say Gérard Houiller or Rafa Benitez or even Jürgen Klopp. If you’re in you’re forties or older you have a golden generation of managers to choose from. […]

There have been many great emotional European nights at Anfield. Even with the rise of the modern game Anfield stands apart from other grounds with it’s unrivalled passion. It’s not only an opinion shared by Liverpool supporters, it still remains a mythical citadel of football to most supporters, players and managers, regardless of their era. […]

Let’s start by being a little contentious for the younger generation who never saw the man play, or – at best – have seen little bits of his performances on YouTube and official LFC merchandise: Raymond Neal Clemence was the best goalkeeper I ever saw, in any team, ever – better than Banks, Shilton, Zoff, […]

Part Two: ‘You will not be allowed to win…’ – The first part of the series available here: Part 1 In Liverpool’s first season in European competition, they had surprised a lot of people. English pundits and reporters who didn’t think they were up to it, foreign reporters and pundits who had never heard of […]

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