It’s a stressful thing supporting modern Liverpool. Far more than just following a football team, having a pint, and hoping they will win the match when they take the field, which, after all, is what it really should be about. We fret about everything now. Fellow Reds willingly offer counsel on this matter on social […]

Make Us Dream Again “Why do you care so much? It’s just a game. You can’t let it affect your life like that.” They’ll never understand. We’re a tricky bunch, us. Frivolous and fickle, temperamental and volatile. We want success, as all humans do; we invest hours and hours of our lives into it, in […]

May, 2005, 49 minutes past 11 was the first time in my life I cried at a game of football on television. Being 7 years old, it was the first time I was of conscious mind when my beloved Liverpool got their hands on some silverware, and better yet, the 5th European Cup. Doesn’t get […]

I’ve watched a lot of football over the best part of nearly 20 years and I’ve seen some great sides, some played beautiful expansive football, whilst others adopted a more defensive approach where they’d be ruthless on the counter attack. I’ve witnessed so many great managers and tacticians orchestrate various formations such as 4-5-1, 4-4-2 […]

Liverpool’s biggest coup of the transfer market this summer has arguably been the signing of Belgian beast Christian Benteke and the striker made his mark immediately, netting in the 1-0 home victory against Bournemouth at Anfield. Over the years the kop have witnessed some incredible front men so in light of Benteke’s opening strike, we’ve […]

Tony ‘Bad news’ Barrett shattered the tranquillity that the Roberto Firmino signing had brought to Liverpool FC twitter by announcing on Thursday that Liverpool were still very much in for Christian Benteke and they were hoping to get the transfer fee for the Belgian down to the £25million mark. Cue the floods of Christian Benteke highlight […]

The word ‘Legend’ is banded around a lot in football. The Steven Gerrard all-star game was billed to be past Liverpool ‘legends’ playing in one game. The truth is though they aren’t legends, not club legends anyway. This attitude breeds mediocrity. The fans of Liverpool Football Club shouldn’t be using International success as a way […]

When the news came out that an All Star Charity game was to be played at Anfield in aid of multiple Liverpool based foundations, I was overjoyed that there would be legends of the game gracing Anfield. As the names of the footballers began trickling in, the interest grew. Amongst the many names was the […]

“It doesn’t matter what you do, we’ve got God on our side”, a fairly common retort from a Liverpool fan in the mid to late nineties. No matter who you were bantering with, which one of your mates’ sides LFC were facing that week – United, Arsenal, Spurs, Newcastle, even Sheffield Wednesday at the time […]

Think of Fernando Torres, and you think of the story of the past few years. The poor performances, the missed opportunities, failing to be the main man – the ghost of the old Fernando Torres, if you will. As much as his work for us deserves to be remembered, it’s hard to look past what […]

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