The paper planes are a thing of the past, the swashbuckling Spurs slaying Red Arrows are back in the business. Or are they? Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but it will be a while until we can say Jürgen Klopp’s reds are back in the sky. What happened during the month of […]

First, an acknowledgement – every game between now and season’s end, the whole baker’s dozen, will be dubbed HUGE. If Jürgen Klopp’s Redmen go on a winning run, the potential for comparative success will drive the hysteria. If they are patchy, the need for players and coach to PROVE THEIR WORTH AND AVOID THE SUMMER […]

“Better to be king for a night than schmuck for a lifetime.” Rupert Pupkin, King of Comedy In Martin Scorsese’s King of Comedy, the central protagonist, the splendidly monikered Rupert Pupkin, is a quietly unhinged man with delusions of grandeur and dreams of celebrity status. Pupkin, whose dark psychopathology eventually sees him resorting to kidnap […]

For the entirety of January and the beginning of February, weekends have been a matter of endurance for Liverpool fans. For this scribbler, the only means of escaping the crippling ennui that seemed to grow with each pathetic result was to indulge a lifelong passion for film that rivals my ardour for the Reds. Ironically, getting lost […]

Up until Saturday, 2017 had been awful as a Liverpool supporter. Our pre-Christmas spring in the step was long gone, everything felt like a chore, and like Popeye without his spinach, you were left desperately hoping the Reds would give us a much-needed adrenalin shot. Why did we ever doubt them, though? There has been […]

If you’ve ever struggled to break a pattern of behaviour, then you’ll know how difficult the psychological aspect of that battle is. There’s a whole pageant that seems to play out around the drawing of lines in the sand. Just one more chocolate bar and THEN the salad diet will commence, just a final bottle […]

Liverpool’s players will look to lift the morbid mood around the club with a positive performance at home to Tottenham Hotspur on Saturday, with three points really needed at a now-crucial time in the Reds’ season. THE DETAILS Match: Liverpool vs Tottenham Hotspur Venue: Anfield Referee: Anthony Taylor Date: Saturday 11th February Time: 17:30 BST FORM Liverpool have won […]

When Latest News was but a tyke, Liverpool bestrode the domestic and European stage with a paradoxical blend of dignified swagger and quiet arrogance – a unique combination that often accompanies greatness, peculiar to those who know they are the best but retain a humility about that fact. From 1977 to 1984 the Reds were the […]

“Yes, but what does he DO?” How many times have you heard, or perhaps even uttered, that question in relation to the contribution of Georgino Wijnaldum to the Liverpool team? The Dutchman, signed by Jürgen Klopp last summer, has been quite a divisive figure amongst Reds-watchers since his arrival. It was clear from the start that Klopp […]

Nobody likes a crisis meeting. The clue, you see, is in the name. The trepidation and angst before, the recriminations during and the fallout after such gatherings, all combine to make the experience pretty unpleasant. However, quite often that very unpleasantness is absolutely necessary. The nettle must be grasped, the bull grabbed by the horns, […]

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