Last summer, as a Liverpool fan there was not that much to rejoice about. Liverpool had finished the 2014/2015 season in a disappointing sixth position having come so close to winning the Premier League title the year before. Daniel Sturridge was hardly seen by fans, the goals from the 2013/2014 season had dried up, Mario […]

Almost exactly two years ago Liverpool fans witnessed a genuine watershed moment, a highlight in a season of giddy and vertigo inducing highs. Now, just to be clear, we’re not going to dwell on history here; enough people tell us that we take nostalgia to unhealthy levels. But just bear with me for a second, […]

Anger, bitterness, sadness. Just three emotions that greeted the majority of fans when it was announced that our beloved Mamadou Sakho would be out for around eight weeks, ruling the Frenchman out until the new year. However, these were only mild emotions, when compared to those when the fanbase realised who will most likely be […]

One of the biggest issues that Klopp faces this season is how to fit in all of his best players into the team; his philosophy requires width, pace, penetration and a strong four-man defence, he also likes to employ a 4-2-3-1 formation that allows for quick counter-attacks with width, and offers rigidity and solidity when […]

It’s a common theme these days for a Liverpool player to split the opinions of the fans. Every single individual has their own template for when they’re judging a player. What’s good and what’s bad. Nobody is impartial. Very few are right but that’s the beauty of football isn’t it, everybody has an opinion. Whether […]

There have been many great emotional European nights at Anfield. Even with the rise of the modern game Anfield stands apart from other grounds with it’s unrivalled passion. It’s not only an opinion shared by Liverpool supporters, it still remains a mythical citadel of football to most supporters, players and managers, regardless of their era. […]

Much has been made this summer about Liverpool buying in bulk again. Many fans believe we now have the numbers to compete in the many competitions we’ll be involved in this coming season. The question is not ‘if’ Liverpool have the numbers but whether they’ve got the requisite quality? After all, numbers don’t always indicate […]

Evolution is inevitable. In football and in everyday life you change to adapt. So what’s the difference between transition as a club and evolving? Why are some teams praised for adapting whilst others use being in transition as an excuse? Since Brendan Rodgers took the helm of Liverpool FC it feels like ‘Liverpool are in […]

Dejan Lovren is mentally weak. I don’t like making assumptions or accusations like this, especially when they’re towards people I don’t personally know, but this is just something you can’t ignore. All players want to be loved but Dejan Lovren seems like the sort that needs positive reinforcement to function. Less than one week after saying he […]

I was listening to one of our new signings last week giving his views on the club and manager. I tend not to listen to these interviews conducted by the club press department as they can sometimes sound like incessant propaganda you might hear from North Korea, but one line made me think. “The manager […]

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