SC Braga Vs Liverpool FC - 1st Half Stats

SC Braga Vs Liverpool FC - 1st Half Stats
Possession: Liverpool: 53.1% Pass Completion: 77%
Passing Stats
Total Passes: 281 Open Play: 259 Crosses: 7 Throw Ins: 12 Goal kicks: 3
Total Accurate Passes:
Accurate Passes: 217 Open Play: 206 Crosses: 1 Throw Ins: 8 Goal kicks: 2
Total Pass Zones
Defensive Half Passes: 158 Attacking Half Passes: 108
Total Accurate Passes in Zones
Defensive Half Passes: 141 Defensive Half Completion %: 89.2% Attacking Half Passes: 66 Attacking …

Jamie Carragher: The Stats Behind The Man

Jamie Carragher is a player who needs no introduction. In his lengthy career there is only one trophy that has eluded him; he has racked up over 650 appearances for the club often playing more than 50 games a season. He has made 137 European appearances for Liverpool (as of 24/02/2011) which is a British record. Never one to shy away from a challenge or quietly go about his business, in fact there is barely a match that goes by when you can’t hear him barking out orders to his team mates even when playing to an audience of tens of thousands, he has come in for criticism, been labelled not good enough an overlooked for England but has still remained a first choice defender for Liverpool for over a decade. But now in his 33rd year as he approaches the final stages of his 15th campaign he is finding himself under the microscope more and more often. So what do the stats actually say about Jamie? Is he overrated or underrated, wrongly or rightly overlooked? …
Liverpool Vs Man United - Match Report

Liverpool Vs Man United - Match Report

Liverpool Vs Man United - Where the Game was Won   Payback is a b*tch and Manchester United's slaughter at Anfield yesterday was just that - Payback. After suffering two defeats at their hands this season the win was very welcome, as I'm sure every Liverpool fan didn't want to even contemplate a third loss, in one season, to them.  Not only was it a welcome win, it was pretty much a hammering which made it even more enjoyable! It …
Liverpool Vs Man United Stats

Liverpool Vs Man United Stats

Liverpool Vs Man United Stats   A fantastic win for Liverpool today with Dirk Kuyt, Luis Suarez, Steven Gerrard and Lucas Leiva really impressing. Whilst watching we noticed that the movement of the Liverpool players was excellent and a lot of passes were breaking down because it was all excellent one touch football. This is probably the reason why the passing statistics below aren't as impressive as you'd think. It all looked very good on the eye and Liverpool totally …
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